YEMO - Langa
This cool track and the video have been one of our highlights this summer - below, we'll serve you a row of highlights as we see them - and a few new things. 

She is an artist, author, and composer - Yemo, she mixes French, English, and Lingala (spoken in Congo) - all adding up to something completely irresistible - you find the track as nr one on Latin Hitz - do not miss this one; it is a summer hit

Chris Odd - In The Air Tonight

This old "Phil Collins song" have certainly gained a lot of airplay and playlisting, dig it

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M1CKY - Different Dreams

2nd single from Finnish wonder-kid resently top 20 in Germany and on 70 playlists 

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Shyla Roe - Mind Wide Open
This song has just been released, we take it on as a highlight since we believe that this artist and the song will do really well over the coming month: ABOUT SHYLA ROE

New exciting British artist with strong performance and not least a hit song, written and produced by Rob Davis and Elli Gonzales. More about her on the promo button. 

Anera - Summerlover
A quick entry on the German Dance Chart as nr.31 - just a week after the release shows that Anera gets there where he deserves to be - on top of the charts. The song receives adds all over the world right now - Belgian Anera or DJ Anera debuted last year with three singles - and now the first at TDD

Raphael De La Rie - Summer Love

Whauhh - Raphael pulls off a new epic summer song - check it out here. We think it is a hit - what do you think?

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Marster ft. Jess Hayes - Cleaner on CAM

Our most "talked about" song and video is this one CAN'T STOP MYSELF
The cleaning lady caught on Survaliance

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Sidney Housen ft. NJ - "LIE"
Charts coming in on this track from all over, and the song resently ended up Top 30 in Germany! 

Ashni - Floating Love

Singer and lifestyle coach Ashni sends us FLOATING LOVE

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The Klubbfreak new EP

Maybe this EP is the break-trough for "The Klubbfreak - we think so!!

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Klub Bounce Sambaê

Modern times Samba - Klub Bounce have done a summer-party floor-filler!

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Anonic ft Peter Bruntnell - CARRY ON
Have a listen to this one and tell us what you think - pop-rock / and dance - in the style of The Alan Parsons Project, with two legends in the music industry Rob Davis ( aka Anonic ) and Peter Bruntnell - Much more info about the project and these gentlement under the Promo button.


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