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A stream of great music can be found below - scroll down and find news from Scotty, Chris Rockford, The Klubbfreak, Skreatch, Royal Melody, Rum Shakers, Tim Wilcox, Rodriquez & SR Jucafri and much more!

Rodriquez & Sr Jucafri

Rodriquez one of the most successful music producers in Spain joins up with Sr Jucafri one of Spains successful Reggeaeton voices = magic, = RULIN'

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Jeffrey Bergman

Music trendsetters and DJs should carry this mans records around ALWAY :-) and thats to be ready to kickstart a dance-floor with some grooooving house music!

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Vaatto - Into The Night

Vaatto is a Finnish DJ and producer. His main goal in music is to make people having a good time.

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The Klubbfreak - Into You

He is always on top of what is being played around the world and focuses on songs that make people dance.

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The Klubbfreak - Festival Tracks

Colombian DJ and Producer Jorge Luis Torrijos aka THE KLUBBFREAK is producing in many different genres - to help you ( and us ) he combined a series of playlists, which we then distribute to all digital platforms - out first you'll get "Festival Tracks" - click on the picture and get a little preview!

In the middle of 2000s Skreatch was behind songs like Promised Milkshake, Roxanne's Lullaby (Police | Sting match up)  Luvdisco and Serious - Skreatch is now back after some years only working in the studio, and that with a real latino smash hit > 

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Skreatch ft Tomi - Hey Oh Fiesta
The track is boosted with a handful of remixes from prominente people like DJ Combo, Rayman, Tony Postigo and Caliente - a true party explosion 

Scotty - Relight [ click TDD Icon for Wav files or banner ]

Some people say "the '80s are back, "...some others "the return of the 90's "….. all nonsense: Good music with perfect vocals and driving beats are back in 2021...says SCOTTY

SCOTTY brings all this to the table and proves that he stands not only for the world success of his "The Black Pearl " but also for new hot and superb songs that include all parts and potential for crossover hits on pop-radio stations or the reopening dance-floors around the world!

TALKING ABOUT 80S and 90s - check out these remakes!

Rum Shaker

Yan Kings & Matt Petrone, British & Italian DJs produ cers Joins forces with KEVIN WHITE in Chris Isaaks WICKED GAME

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Royal Melody

Sorry, not the original... BUT for sure the really best new version of Manfred Man's big hit from 1976 

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 Tom Wilcox

Tom & Damian has become "little heroes" for creating a new version of the worldwide hit originally by Fleetwood Mac 

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