October News

A great bunch of releases are just out here in the first days of October - the new Pop Hitz, Tercero, Anonic, Jose Delgado, Jiraff, ALWA and Mary.J.OK, and more; grab some more info on our site, and there you can have a listen!

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Anonic - "Figure Me Out"

Anonic ( aka Rob Davis ) and Jess Hayes is steady partners - she brings edgy, powerful vocals to his productions - they have found fans all over the world with Dancing on a Knife, and Radiate and Birds - but FIGURE ME OUT, might be the right song to break much wider.

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Mary.J.OK - "I Do It For Me"

New UK artist Mary.J.OK - made I DO IT FOR ME - the song is really about the importance of doing what we do for the sake of ourselves and our well-being – not to get likes on social media but to satisfy our souls. That’s what creative expression is all about-have a listen! 

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TERCERO (Nicolas Molio, producer & composer) Has worked in music with different pseudonyms, and one of those is TERCERO.

BAILA CONMIGO is on worldwide release on the 15th of October 2021, a tribute to DIA DE MUERTOS or Halloween - today, on release day it had a first entry as nr. 56 on the German Dance Chart - and nr 9 on the Top 30 Electro House chart.

ALWA ft Emma Whithers - Family

Pop Dance single from ALWA, an unusual musical layout, but sounding like a hit.
Energetic, vibrant, and powerful thanks to the voice of Emma Whithers and thoughtful artistry of producer Max Persona. 

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Jiraff - Your Light

Young, charismatic Spanish DJ and Producer with an unusual sense of good melody and danceable EDM - YOUR LIGHT gonna prove that we have a coming star of the dance-floor  

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Second version of Rap-haels FLIRTY that is more dancy, uptempo and streamlined is making succes around the world.

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 Shay - Route 2 mixe

Several important artists take part in this remix project: The Klubbfreak, Scott-e and Zaydro together with Shay..

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Lee Scott - Ryan Claud

The original version has now been upgraded with remixes, composed by Danny Sauce-do, Thomas Isura Erixson & J:son. Have a listen!


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       Neja, Carl Fanini - Smalltown Boy

Neja, crowned as the Queen of the clubs in the 2000s by the music critics - and that partly for her hit-tracks like RESTLESS and GAME, but now focusing on her new productions in collaboration with established DJs and musicians to increase her unique and eclectic personality